Most Common Traits of Highly Sensitive People

Are you easily overwhelmed by things such as strong odors, bright lights or loud sounds? Do you ever feel so deeply moved by something beautiful that you start to cry? Do you often find yourself needing to withdraw during busy days into your room or any quiet place where you can have privacy?

If any of these are true, you might be a highly sensitive person - someone who displays an increased awareness to subtle stimuli. Studies have shown that genes are responsible for the 20% of people who qualify as "highly sensitive" individuals. Highly sensitive people experience feelings, sounds, smells, and the presence of other people more intensely than the average person. They notice more details than other people and are deeply affected by the world around them.

However, sensitivity is a trait we often tend to misunderstand in ourselves and others, so these people often feel isolated, ashamed or confused, like there is something wrong with them for being so sensitive.

You're probably wondering if you or someone you know are highly sensitive, so here are the most common traits of a highly sensitive person.

They need time alone

This is a common trait for most introverts and highly sensitive people. If you need extra time to yourself and you need to withdraw to your room to recharge every day, you're probably a highly sensitive person.

They're highly intuitive

Highly sensitive people seem to know things without being told. They're always aware of what is happening below the surface and they can sense what needs to be done or what is going to happen.

They're able to read people's energy vibes

When entering a room, they're able to sense the general mood of the environment. They can also enter a conversation and feel what type of conversation was taking place just before they arrived. They can feel people's energy vibes easily and they're affected by negative energy. They crave peaceful and calm life.

They think deeply

Everybody thinks. But, highly sensitive people think deeper than others. When life throws them an annoying curveball, they will retreat deep into their shell, thinking through every aspect before taking any action. Small things in their life can have a big impact on them.

They take longer to make decisions

Do you spend a long time thinking over every single decision? You're probably a highly sensitive person who is prone to dig deep beneath the surface and can't help but think about all of the different possible outcomes.

They feel more deeply

Another important quality of highly sensitive people is their capacity to feel more deeply. They're more aware of their inner world and emotional states. They have a rich and complex inner world and they're highly creative and imaginative.

They take criticism harshly

Thanks to their intense emotions and strong feelings they're struggling to deal with criticism. These people have a tendency to overact to criticism, but they also tend to think hard about things and explore them deeply.

They work well in teams

Highly sensitive people are able to take other people's feelings into account and pay attention to details. This great trait makes them extremely valuable in a team environment.

They love animals

There are many people who love animals, but highly sensitive people have a deep and unspoken understanding of them. These people just love animals and they love them back. Animals can sense the love and empathy and thus they are drawn to sensitive people.

They feel overwhelmed in crowded places

Highly sensitive people don't like being in shopping malls, airports, sporting events, parties and other crowded places. They feel overly-excited, exhausted and suffocated around large groups of people and can't wait to leave. Sensitive people prefer calm and peaceful environments.

They have good manners

These people are often complimented on their kindness, politeness, and courtesy. Highly sensitive individuals have a clear understanding of what's right and what's wrong and are always sensitive to others around them.

They get bored easily

They need to focus on work and activities that stimulate their creativity and passion. Sensitive people have a tendency to get bored easily, so if they get bored they usually resort to daydreaming or doodling. However, they are still attentive and will try to avoid making mistakes.

They often feel misunderstood

Highly sensitive people have a tendency to compare themselves to others. They are used to hearing phrases like: "Don't take things so personally." or "Don't worry about it." and they are often been teased, so they often feel misunderstood.

They are more susceptible to anxiety and depression

Highly sensitive people are more susceptible to anxiety and depression, especially if they had negative experiences in the past. These people experience life more intensely and feel things more deeply, so bad experiences can have a huge impact on them.