Signs you're a Psychic Medium

Once in a while, our intuition goes beyond normal and helps us foresee things that are about to happen. How is that possible? There’s a belief that every human being has psychic abilities that could be discovered and bettered through practice. We all experience unusual things, but often consider them as nothing more than a wicked coincidence. In some people, the psychic powers develop and manifest themselves, while others are having a hard time recognizing them and they remain unsurfaced, like a message in a bottle at the bottom of the sea. Here are 8 signs that prove you’re a psychic medium, but you’re not aware of it yet.

Intuition Plays Your Tune

Have you and your friends ever played guessing games and you were the one woth the highest score? Or have you ever known who’s calling on the phone before picking up? It’s not a coincidence, but your intuition that’s on a higher level than anyone you know. Once you realize that your “sixth sense” is on a high level, you’re on your way of discovering all of your psychic abilities.

You’re Drawn to the Energy of Objects

Unlike other people, when buying something, psychic mediums don’t focus on the way a certain item looks, but rather how it makes them feel. Usually, newly created items are not fully charged with energy. Therefore, psychics often connect with second-hand objects or antique pieces of furniture and they feel the residual energy by touching the object itself.

Incredibly Powerful & Vivid Dreams

The dreams can sometimes feel very powerful and realistic, but most of the time, we don’t remember a thing after waking up. However, that’s not the case with psychics. Not only do they have vivid dreams, but they remember their dreams in details too, including places, environments, people, symbols and meanings. The dreams of psychics often foretell what’s about to come in someone’s life.

A Normal Person’s Nightmare is a Psychic’s Puzzle

While all other people prefer having a good night sleep without any images running through their head, psychics don’t mind having frequent nightmares. In fact, they are entertained and puzzled by them and often try to find the secret of their meaning.

You’re Getting Random Flashbacks

Of course we all enjoy taking a trip down our memory lane, but the mind of a psychic works in strange ways. If your mind randomly takes you to a particular memory of a dear person, without a particular reason or no build up, it could be a sign that a spirit is trying to establish communication with you.

You Prefer Natural Smells Above All

One of the easiest way to notice your psychic predisposition is by contemplating your desire be around flowers, spices and essential oils. It is said that the reason for this is the strong link that still exists between modern psychics and ancient witches.

Inexplicable Hot & Cold Flashes

Just like every human being has a shadow, we also have our own aura, or as physicists like to call it magnetic field. Since all the atoms of our bodies are in constant movement, the easiest way to detect auras is by feeling different temperatures around you. The temperatures will vary in regard to what people are around you or who has been in a certain room.

You Hear Voices on a Daily Basis

Many a time, our inner voice is responsible for making right decisions, as it tends to criticize (and challenge) us rather than support us. But psychics hear other voices than their inner selves and it is the first sign of psychic awakening. If you’re hearing voices that are probably spiritual guidance to your higher self, you better listen up.