Pathway to Happiness

Every human being wants to be truly happy, but many fall into the trap of procrastination and end up wondering “what if”. We make excuses to postpone doing the things we should, regardless of how small and meaningless or important those things are. The tendency to procrastinate is not limited to a specific group of people. Everyone avoids taking action and making changes: implementing a new diet plan, going to the gym, introducing yourself to a person you like, dealing with tough duties at work and what not.

Many a time people don't even know they are making up an excuse to postpone something. Have you ever wondered what's the reason you procrastinate? There are any possible reasons for your tendency to procrastinate: unpleasant tasks at work, afraid of the future, worried about failing, your self-control is poor, you're lacking a plan, you're perfectionists or you're just lazy to make things happen. If you've found yourself among these reasons, then it's time to stop procrastinating and start paving your way to happiness.

The pathway to happiness is a commonly discussed topic in magazines, books and articles, so it seems to be a big deal. And it surely is, because it's in our human nature to pursue happiness. It's difficult to give a single definition to “happiness”, not for lack of words, but for the array of choices there are. Being happy sounds pretty simple, but today's society beliefs and practices make it extremely challenging and tough to succeed. The main issue that gets in people's pathway of happiness is the false belief saying that happiness is measured through wealth, career success, popularity or material objects.

Even with a natural instinct and our best efforts to seek happiness, we're doomed to go through an emotional chaos and unhappiness. The pursuit of happiness indeed does easily get distorted and takes us to wrong direction from time to time, but finding the true happiness is absolutely worth it, as being happy is the most important thing in life. The first step of being happy is to eliminate the sources of your negative energy and unhappiness. Procrastination, anger, sadness, frustration and fear have no place in a life of a happy person.

Eliminating the sources of unhappiness is a simple big-picture-approach of being happy. By eliminating your unhappiness sources from your life, you will immediately notice a few new lights on your way (to happiness). There might be a lot of traffic on your way and you may need to make a few stops on red light, but knowing where you're headed and how you'll get there will help you reach your final destination. Without having a big picture of the process, you'll most certainly get lost on your path.

Another common reason why many get lost in their pursuit to happiness is not living in the now. They trade their present for the future, or in other words, they struggle today for a better tomorrow. This is just wrong. Chasing and hanging on to peak experiences at the expense of the simple little things that contribute for our current happiness is the biggest mistake a person could make, because true happiness comes from the present.

Being present “in the moment” means paying attention to your family, friends and partners and establishing true intimacy and deep level of emotional connection. It means not wasting your precious time wondering what sort of future awaits you nor what if you did something differently in the past. It means being in the moment with your body and mind so you can experience life as is. Only then you can find the pathway to happiness and live the life of a truly happy person.